Friday, August 5, 2016


Happy Friday babes!

Have you ever been shopping and find that one amazing pair of shoes and wonder "ugh I wish these were (insert color)!". Well that happens to us all the time haha and guess what I've found the solution...SPRAY PAINT! We've been spray paint junkies for quite some time now and never actually thought about DIYing shoes before, until we found these puppies at Ross. Prepping the shoes wasn't too difficult but just a little time consuming (which is OK because who wants to ruin these bomb pair of shoes).

Things you will need:
1. Spray paint in color of choice. We used this one.
2. Painters tape. We used this one.
3. X-Acto knife. 
4. Saran wrap.

First we just wiped clean the heel to remove any dust or dirt.

Then I taped in between the heel and shoe as close as possible and using the x-acto knife to be able to cut off extra tape pieces.

Then got the saran wrap and covered the rest of the shoe to avoid any spray paint getting on it.
Once that's done we began to spray paint them. We did a total of two coats letting it dry for 30 mins in between spays.
We then left it to dry until the next day just to make sure it was bone dry before removing the tape and saran wrap.

Ta-da! You are done! 
Time to wear them with some cute ripped up jeans, band tee and leather jacket ;)

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